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Rasi Manufacturing

Rasi has capacity
We are one of the largest custom contract manufacturers of nutritional supplements in the United States. Our advanced 45,000 sq. ft. manufacturing and packaging facility produces many different products.

Rasi is reliable, stable and dependable
Under continuous family ownership since 1984, we place high value on our well-deserved reputation as a trusted industry leader. Our expert and dedicated management team has an impressive average of more than 20 years of broad industry experience.

Rasi has hundreds of satisfied customers
We develop and manufacture cost-effective, market-leading products in every distribution channel, including health and natural food stores, mass merchandisers, network marketing and direct selling, television shopping, drug chain and direct response TV and radio.

Rasi is more than just manufacturing services
We can offer our customers complete turnkey solutions, including product concepts, formulations, laboratory services, package and label design, regulatory compliance and assistance in marketing and merchandising.

Rasi is innovative
Our globally-sourced ingredients, patented technologies and advanced delivery systems will add value and efficacy to your products.

Rasi offers expert formulation
In addition to our own highly skilled Product Development group, we also will work with each individual client to come up with an unique formula based on their needs.

Rasi is versatile
We produce a wide range of tablets, caplets, chewables, capsules (including vegetarian capsules), and powders.

Rasi is flexible
Our modern and custom-scalable process equipment can deftly handle both large and small production runs. We can give your product eye appeal with a full range of in-house packaging options including bottles and jars.

Rasi is recognized for outstanding quality
Our FDA-inspected facility operates under strict Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Rasi quality is engineered into every product
From raw material analysis to final product inspection, every production step is carefully monitored and documented, with full accountability and in-process controls. Our Technical Services, Analytical, Quality Control and Quality Assurance groups can offer you a level of scientific support unmatched in the industry.

Rasi  is responsive to your needs
As a truly full-service manufacturer, we give fair and equal attention to clients both large and small. Our dedicated Customer Service professionals will efficiently accommodate your requests in a timely and friendly manner. In emergencies, our high capacity allows us to react and respond with great agility. Whether you have a tight deadline or a suddenly accelerated requirement for product, we will make it our business to keep you in business.

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