Add a Probiotic to Your Supplement Line: Expert Advice from Rasi Labs using the B. Lactis B420™ Strain

Add a Probiotic to Your Supplement Line: Expert Advice from Rasi Labs using the B. Lactis B420™ Strain

Are you curious about adding a probiotic to your dietary supplement line, but aren’t sure where to start? As a leader in the supplement manufacturing industry, we will walk you through what information you need to know to launch your probiotic product with only the best quality ingredients. 

What is the B. Lactis B420™ Probiotic Strain?

The B. Lactis B420™ strain is a probiotic that stands out in scientific research for its benefits in managing weight and metabolism. At Rasi Labs, we specialize in integrating highly researched strains like B. Lactis B420™ into product lines that meet the specific health needs of consumers.

With over 60 scientific studies to its name, including 16 clinical trials, B. Lactis B420™ has been distinguished as a strain that can not only survive the journey through the intestinal passage, but also adheres well to human colonic mucus. 

How does this make B. Lactis B420™ so special? These properties are crucial for beneficial bacteria to exert their positive effects. This strain is particularly relevant today, with consumer interest in metabolic health support at an all-time high.

Partner with the Right Dietary Supplement Manufacturer for Your Probiotic Product

When collaborating with Rasi Labs, you access a network that values solid, evidence-based science. We are one of the largest custom contract manufacturers of nutritional supplements in the United States. Our company-owned 200,000 sq. ft. manufacturing and packaging facility produces millions of products annually.

We understand that you need to stand out to succeed in this competitive market, and our highly skilled Product Development group will work with you to design unique, first-to-market formulas that meet industry standards and trends. 

Our facilities operate under strict Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), which proves our commitment to uphold the highest standard of excellence. 

We are happy to work with you from concept to capsule to create the perfect product for your supplement line.

Understand the Importance of Using the Top Ingredients Suppliers in the Industry

At Rasi Labs, we collaborate with the best ingredient suppliers the industry has to offer. For the B. Lactis B420™ probiotic strain, we partner with IFF (Danisco),

IFF's centralized R&D approach accelerates the innovation process, combining the expertise of over 3,000 scientists with a robust portfolio of 12,000 patents. This efficient model expedites the delivery of solutions, responding promptly to the fast-paced consumer market demands.

With 100-plus years of experience in probiotics and enzymes, IFF's high-quality health ingredients are scientifically vetted. Their probiotic strains exceed 700 features in scientific publications and are present in numerous global products. 

This reach, combined with careful strain selection specific to varied health needs, solidifies IFF's reputation as a reliable, tailor-made probiotic solutions provider.

Add a Probiotic to Your Supplement Line: Expert Advice from Rasi Labs using the B. Lactis B420™ Strain

For businesses looking to enhance their health product offerings with a probiotic supplement, Rasi Labs is the go-to partner. We combine IFF’s history and excellence in probiotics with our proficient formulation services. This collaboration ensures that the final product is not only effective but also meets the highest safety and quality standards.

Connect with Rasi Labs today to harness the strengths of B. Lactis B420™ for your product line, and let's bring science-driven health benefits directly to your customers.