From Raw Materials to Finished Products: The Importance of Comprehensive Quality Control in Supplement Manufacturing

35 years of experience with every aspect of manufacturing supplements

Consumers seek out supplements because they want to take control of their health. They expect that the product in the bottle is safe, effective, and contains high-quality ingredients. Rasi Labs has met that expectation for over 35 years by implementing continuous quality control measures throughout production.

Manufacturing safe, effective supplements requires consistent attention to detail. From sourcing the best raw materials to ensuring the shelf life of finished products, supplement manufacturers must ensure that continuous quality control measures are in place. At Rasi Labs, we have established a tried and tested process that ensures that products leaving our facilities are the best in the industry. 

Raw Materials

The best supplements require the best ingredients. Since supplements are made from plants and plant-based products, there is naturally a lot of variance in ingredient quality. Manufacturers must work closely with vendors to ensure that ingredients meet quality specifications before adding them to supplements.

At Rasi Labs, we have an extensive vendor qualification process that ensures we get raw materials from trusted sources. Our close relationships with qualified vendors help give us insight into growing seasons, weather variations, and other uncontrollable factors. We are able to plan around potential supply chain changes.

Once raw materials arrive on-site, we engage in quality checks and testing to ensure the ingredients meet the needs of our clients. We have continuously monitored climate-controlled storage facilities to protect raw materials before they are processed.

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Laboratory Processes

Bringing a supplement from concept to finished product requires scientific knowledge and rigorous research and testing. Lab staff has to be qualified and knowledgeable in supplement development. In addition, laboratories need to follow strict standards for safety, cleanliness, and process documentation.

Rasi Labs has comprehensive laboratory services that can develop and finalize supplement formulas. Our staff can help clients develop formulations and select the ideal format for the supplement: tablet, chewable, or powder. We have the capacity to work with probiotics and functional food ingredients. Our standard laboratory practices include running pilot batches on production-scale equipment to ensure scalability.

Production Processes

No two supplements are the same, therefore no two supplements can follow the same production specifications. Batch size, production time, and shipping needs vary between products, so manufacturers need to adapt to different needs.

One of the hallmarks of Rasi Labs is our production flexibility. Our facilities can handle large and small runs. We can produce products with a variety of material characteristics. We perform in-house testing throughout the manufacturing process to ensure a high-quality finished product.

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Continuous Quality Control

All of our quality control processes have been developed based on our extensive experience making supplements for some of the top brands in the industry. We employ continuous quality control at every step of the process. We train all of our personnel on our in-house quality control processes. Brands can feel confident that their products will meet the highest standards in the supplement industry and that customers will be satisfied.