Our Facility: Delivering Excellence in Nutraceuticals & Supplements

Our Facility: Delivering Excellence in Nutraceuticals & Supplements

At Rasi Laboratories, we understand that the cornerstone of exceptional supplement manufacturing is not just rooted in high-grade ingredients and thorough processes but also in the facility where it all comes together. Since 1984, Rasi Labs has been at the forefront of nutraceutical manufacturing, evolving with the industry while staying true to our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

When customers choose Rasi Labs, they're selecting a partner renowned for the purity of ingredients, quality in manufacturing, and a customer service experience underpinned by integrity. Our 198,500 sq ft best-in-class facility is more than just a hub for manufacturing; it is the embodiment of our relentless pursuit of excellence.

A Legacy Built on Meeting Demands

Our legacy in Cranbury, New Jersey, begins on 37 acres of company-owned land -- a strategic decision ensuring control over every aspect of our operations. The location of our facility is no accident; sited along one of the busiest distribution corridors in the USA at 320 Half Acre Road, we are ensuring efficiency in distribution and expeditious delivery of our products, which can be found both online and in major retail channels.

Best-In-Class Facility for Innovation-Driven Manufacturing

What sets our facility apart? At Rasi Labs, every square foot is designed to drive innovation while upholding our dedication to your product's success. Our facility's design exemplifies our commitment to remaining an industry leader in custom dietary supplements and turnkey manufacturing.

The use of cutting-edge equipment within our site is pivotal, ensuring each product's manufacturing process is streamlined for optimal quality and consistency. Our drive-in refrigerated vault showcases our attention to detail and dedication to preserving the stability and efficacy of our temperature-sensitive products.

Infrastructure That Guarantees Continuity and Quality

Our redundant infrastructure is a testament to our foresight, guaranteeing continuity of operations. This means our partners can rest assured that our service provision is designed to withstand any potential operational interruptions. Such an approach echoes our specialties which include custom formulations, piloting, scale-up, commercialization, and regulatory compliance.

More Than Manufacturing: A Partnership for Success

Choosing Rasi Labs as your contract manufacturer means partnering with a facility and team solely focused on achieving consistently better outcomes for your brand. Our 198,500 sq ft facility is not just a physical space; it is where ideas transform into tangible health solutions. With our extensive industry knowledge, we stand ready to help you scale brilliantly in a highly competitive landscape.

Our facility is the beating heart of our operations — from expert product development to seamless supply chain management, everything we do at Rasi Labs is executed with your product's success in mind. By aligning with industry-leading standards for manufacturing and quality control, we ensure that we're not just meeting your expectations but exceeding them. 

The Future is Bright at Rasi Laboratories

The products created within the walls of our state-of-the-art Cranbury facility are more than commodities; they are the fruit of a deeply ingrained ethos of service, innovation, and partnership. As we look to the future with excitement, we invite brands and industry partners to join us in our journey of excellence in nutrition and health.

Partner with us, and together, let's set new standards of excellence in the world of dietary supplements.